Frequently asked questions


Will you set up our chairs and umbrellas on the beach?

  • We are a DELIVERY-ONLY service.  While we would love to provide full service beach chair and umbrella rentals, that is strictly regulated by local governments and only certain companies have the right to do so.  

We're going to Folly for the day, can you meet us at Access 310?

  • NO!  Again, we do not have the right to do so under current local law.  
  • Furthermore, if you are staying at the Tides we cannot deliver to you; please use the company that operates from that location.

How do drop-off's and pick-up's work?

  •  We will always work with you to ensure a smooth delivery
  • WEEKLY rentals are dropped-off on Saturday mornings between 7am- 12pm, and retrieved the following Friday between 4-8pm.   
  •  If you would like them dropped/retrieved on different days we are always happy to oblige.
  • If our customers are not yet there, but plan to arrive that day, we will find a safe place to store the rentals so they are waiting when you arrive.

We want 7 chairs to rent for 4 days, can you offer us a deal?

  • Absolutely!  Because we only offer weekly and daily rates through our website, we are always happy to work with customers on special packages.  Please call us to arrange!

Do you accept cash or check?

  • We do, however, you must call to make your booking.
  • If you book online you will have to pay upfront.  Your purchase is held in our escrow account until 48hrs prior to your delivery date.

Anything else I should know?

  • We always ask that our customers call us with any questions or concerns, and Will or Charles will be happy to assist. 
  • We want nothing more than to make your vacation more enjoyable and always aim to please. Don't hesitate to ask for places to see, things to do, etc.